Walking Revolution : The Single Serving

Walking Revolution

by Montgomery Area Food Bank on 05/12/14

(BTW Magnet High School, Creative Writing Magnet)

By: Madison H.   

Do you hear that?

The parting of the Red Sea?

The clashing of Jupiter and Mars?

The cries in Sierra Leone?

That’s my stomach.

Monday through Sunday, I am a habitual liar.

Not because I choose to be,

But on account of my mother’s pride.

I am that Godforsaken stench of neglect.

You walk right over me.

And step on my existence.

My only friends are Hope and Faith.

I roam in search of options

My patience has climbed the mountains

And whispers to God:

“Free me”

You see me but you don’t know me

You don’t quite understand what 50 pounds means to me

You don’t notice my winced face when you put

A full tray of food to its death

I can’t afford hearing your vain whining

My ears are becoming as weary as my malnourished body

Don’t you dare say it’ll be alright

Because the last time I checked

I’ve never seen you quiver in emptiness

Longing for just one bite.



Madison was part of the BTW Creative Writing Magnet group that toured the Montgomery Area Food Bank for a food project, the project required that the students write about their experiences and we are thrilled to feature them as ‘guest bloggers’ for MAFB.

 The food bank was the last stop for the students; it gave them an opportunity to learn about all sides of the food industry, from farm-to-table initiatives, local restaurants and to organizations like ours, that distribute food and other necessities for those in need throughout the state. The students got a sneak peek at our new warehouse and volunteer service center, and we helped de-bunk some myths about who we serve, how we help, and what hunger in the community looks like.

 If you would like your students to come see our facility, learn more about hunger in Alabama, and how to help ‘Feed Hope’, visit our ‘Contact Us’ page and schedule a tour! Or, you can host a food/fund drive on behalf of MAFB- for more information visit our ‘How to Help’ page.

 A big thank you to Foster Dickson, and the students for their participation and talents! 

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