Part 1: Living Beyond the Food Bank : The Single Serving

Part 1: Living Beyond the Food Bank

by Montgomery Area Food Bank on 04/15/14

(BTW Magnet High School, Creative Writing Magnet)

By: Jasmine B.                                                                                                              

Often times, people lose sight of how lucky they are. They’re so focused on how “stupid” their four hundred dollar cell phone is, or how “ugly” the new paint on the wall is, or how “old” and “outdated” their computer is, that they forget that there people out there who don’t have those types of luxuries. The most surprising thing about the entire situation, I think, is realizing that the people closest to you  are struggling quietly; that that same person who always comes to schools with a pair of brand new shoes on is the same person who wakes up to emptiness. No television, no bed, no dressers, no washing machine or drier. Nothing. I know a few of them myself, though I won’t name any names.

 Still, I won’t deny that I have done the exact same thing. So, for me, the field trip to the food bank was an eye-opener. It made me realize that even though I don’t have a lot, I have enough, and should be thankful. When we went to eat (restaurant name omitted), all I could think about was how good the food was and how full I was going to be, never about how much a family in my neighborhood would love to have just a taste of what I had that day, aside from just the food. I had a group of friends around me to share the experience and to make me laugh so in that moment I forgot everything that was going on outside of the restaurant. That type of insight is probably one of the most important things I’ve learned this year. Food is important in everyone’s life, in more reasons than one.

 Jasmine was part of the BTW Creative Writing Magnet group that toured the Montgomery Area Food Bank for a food project. The project required that the students write about their experiences and we are thrilled to feature them as ‘guest bloggers’ for MAFB.

 The food bank was the last stop for the students; it gave them an opportunity to learn about all sides of the food industry, from farm-to-table initiatives, local restaurants and organizations like ours, that distribute food and other necessities for those in need throughout the state. The students got a sneak peek at our new warehouse and volunteer service center, and we helped de-bunk some myths about who we serve, how we help, and what hunger in the community looks like.

If you would like your students to come see our facility, learn more about hunger in Alabama, and how to help ‘Feed Hope’- visit our ‘Contact Us’ page and schedule a tour! Or, you can host a food/fund drive on behalf of MAFB- for more information visit our ‘How to Help’ page.

 A big thank you to Foster Dickson, and the students for their participation and talents! 

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