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How Do We Protect Our Children From Adversity?

by Montgomery Area Food Bank on 03/06/14

We try to protect our children from everything- bumps on the head, growing up too fast and the harsh realities of life. But, how do we protect them from adversity?

A recent article by Alter Net’s Tana Ganeva showed that children in the Southern states have a 1 in 4 chance of growing up in poverty. Almost half of these children grow up in extreme poverty, meaning their families earn less than $11,476/year for a household of four. Lynn Parramore (AlterNet) states that ‘kids born in the Northeast, Upper Midwest and the West Coast have a better chance of getting ahead than kids born in other parts of the country’.  

It seems as though our children, the next generation, is entering a cycle of adversity that will be hard to climb out of. Not only do they have to face the economic recession, waning Social Security and retirement budgets, but they may not be able to provide for their own families because they were born in the face of misfortune? If a child doesn’t eat balanced, nutritious meals or at all, the chances of falling back academically becomes greater as their concentration and development can be stinted. If they don’t perform well in school, the chance of them graduating high school and going on to college diminishes; if they don’t graduate, the likelihood of them going to college and getting a better job that allows them to provide for their own families become less and less. This is what is called ‘The Cycle of Poverty’ – it ultimately means that those who grow up hungry will face the same hardships with their own children.

As adults and parents, it can be a tough pill to swallow that our children are going hungry. Nationally, over 16 million children live in ‘food-insecure’ households and that sets the bar high for organizations like ours to find a solution to end hunger. More often than not, the focus on children without food is in faraway places that don’t mimic our own culture and society. However in a study last year, America placed next to last in a ranking of child well-being, barely beating out Romania.

The truth is hunger is in our own backyards, our schools, and our communities. Lt. Gov. Kay Ivey states “It is an uncomfortable truth that children in our state, our counties and even our own neighborhoods are hungry and they may not know where their next meal will come from….I cannot sit back and know children in our state are going hungry. It is time to take action.” With Alabama ranked as the 6th poorest state in the nation, with a child poverty rate of 27.5%, there has never been a truer statement- the time to take action is now.

Since 1986, the Montgomery Area Food Bank (MAFB) has fought hunger and poverty by distributing food and other necessities to over 800 Partner Agencies in 35 of Alabama's 67 counties, including some of the most chronically impoverished counties in the nation. Our current reach is more than 330,000 individuals every year, providing more than 20 million pounds of basic commodities, produce, and other necessities. Those we reach include children, seniors, the unemployed, low-pay working families and more seeking assistance throughout the state.


So where do you fit in? It’s as simple as volunteering your time, telling your friends about MAFB, or even giving something as small as $1; with one dollar we can provide up to 6 meals for a child in need. Our mission, to ‘Feed Hope Across Alabama’ is impossible without your support and together, we can help solve hunger.

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