Hunger Action Monthis #Spoontember!
Join us this September. As individuals, charities, businesses and government,  all have a role to play in getting food to those in need. We readily recognize and whole-heartedly appreciate the awe inspiring support we receive throughout the year. However, by highlighting an entire month, we hope to provide other groups and individuals an opportunity to follow your lead and support our mission to "Feed Hope Across Alabama"! 
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"Feeding Hope Across Alabama"
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One out of five of us deal with Food Insecurity, which means four out of five of us could help!

Nowadays there seems to be a month or day devoted to one cause or another. And, while combating hunger in Alabama is an effort which receives your full support throughout the entire year – we will be joining food banks throughout the nation to designate September as Hunger Action Month, and the first Thursday (September 3rd), as Hunger Action Day!

At a minimum; success will be measured by an increased awareness of the battle being waged to combat hunger in Alabama. At best; we will provide opportunities for the origins of efforts which could realize a lasting impact on our mission – combating hunger in Alabama.
Participate!  There are no limits to the imagination and ingenuity found in Alabama. With the caveat that safety and legality are paramount - please don’t do something illegal or will harm someone or property. However, if you feel an activity/event/show of support will further the mission of combating hunger in Alabama – we’d like to hear about it, see it, and maybe even feature it the Web and in Social Media! 
We have Hunger Action Month stickers available for use in Fund Raising by businesses, community groups and during Hunger Action Month events. Last year Montgomery Public Schools' students and staff raised more the $6,600 through Sticker Donations!  Students avoided their dress code on Hunger Action Day by wearing a Hunger Action Month sticker.   Each sticker is available for a $1 donation.  
For the third consecutive year the Retirement Systems of Alabama (RSA) will be showing their support of Hunger Action Day by lighting Montgomery’s downtown landmark Dexter Avenue building in ORANGE.
We’d love to see YOU in action. Please post images of your activities in support of Hunger Action Month on facebook and tag us – or send them to us and we’ll do our best to feature as many as we can on our Montgomery Area Food Bank Web site as well as our Social Media locations.   #Spoontember   #FeedingHopeAL   or 'Tag' us @FeedingHopeAL  or if you prefer add it to our timeline (after giving us a 'LIKE') on facebook at  

Montgomery Area Food Bank has a Volunteer Program Manager who can be reached during normal working hours. The Volunteer Program is flexible enough to accommodate almost any commitment. In fact, we just added thousands of feet of dedicated space in our newly constructed building expansion.

Montgomery Area Food Bank is grateful to enjoy a solid reputation for mission accomplishment – Feeding Hope Across Alabama, which has taken decades to earn.  However, since 1986, our strongest asset has always been, and we hope will continue to be the support we receive from literally every facet of our community. 

From corporate, commerce and civic leadership to small groups, and countless individuals your enthusiastic support has been consistent and overwhelmingly supportive. While we may prefer to believe that in some small measure your support has been a result of your belief in us as a responsible food bank. It’s probably closer to the truth that you truly believe in the mission of combating hunger in Alabama, and willing to do something about it. But, we would feel fine if it's a healthy combination of both.
"Over 1900 years ago the Roman philosopher Seneca said, 'A hungry people listens not to reason, nor cares for justice, nor is bent by prayers.' Human nature has not changed in 1900 years, and world peace and progress cannot be maintained in a world half fed and half hungry." 
  -- President John F. Kennedy during Opening Session of the World Food Congress.," June 4, 1963.
MAFB is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and an equal opportunity employer and provider. 
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