Exercise, Nutrition, and Diet (END) Program
While feeding those who are hungry is our primary (and immediate) objective, we at MAFB believe that we must also concern ourselves with a long-term goal: helping people return to a life of independence and self reliance. Part of that job, as a resource for food, includes teaching them how important their health is not only to them, but to all of us. MAFB does this by providing the Exercise, Nutrition, and Diet (END) Program. While very basic in nature, the goal is to get each person to take a minute and evaluate their own understanding of diet and nutrition. We teach simple concepts like how to read a food label, what foods are nutritious yet easy on the budget, how to get the most out of your money, and how to prepare the food in a way that is tasty but still healthy. The program can be customized to address the specific needs of each group be it seniors, children, diabetics, or even those who just want to lose some weight!

​Struggling to feed their families, many that we serve find themselves cutting back more nutritious foods, focusing instead on foods that are calorie-dense, filling, and often times lacking in nutrients. The END Program challenges those choices and ideas, and offers alternatives, demonstrating that healthy food can be both cost effective and yummy!

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One out of five of us deal with Food Insecurity, which means four out of five of us could help!

Across Alabama, more than 33% of all adults are obese, over 12% have diabetes, and 40% have hypertension. These trends develop during childhood, when eating habits are formed. Among children 10-17 year olds, the obesity rate is nearly 19%, and among high schoolers, 17% are obese. We must address this issue from both ends, targeting adults who are dealing with diet-related health issues while educating our young people to lead healthier, more active lives.

By making the programs fun and by encouraging participation from everyone, the END Program has become an important resource for both our agencies and for their clients.
Would you like to host an END Program seminar or series? Call Gretchen Kindrick at 334-263-3784 or e-mail her at gretchenkindrick@montgomeryareafoodbank.org
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