Stories of Hope
Ms. Katie's Story
Ms. Katie is a senior citizen living on a meager social security check. She is in a wheelchair most of the day although she can get out enough to move from chair to bed; in addition to her constant back pain, she suffers with diabetes, hypertension, and arthritis. She’s mourned the loss of two of her five children to inner city violence. Because there is no one else willing, she’s raising an 11 year old young girl, not a blood relative, who’d been neglected by her parents. Her medical issues alone eat up most of the small income she receives. At the end of the day, food is the one area where she feels she can cut corners. The unfortunate part about this is that cutting corners on one’s food usually means cutting out the most beneficial, high nutritional foods and substituting with “filler” foods.  

Out of Nothing
Ms. Katie told us a story about a time where she didn’t really have anything in the house to make a meal for the little girl. But she found a small package of hamburger hiding in her freezer. It wasn't much but she said, “You know, when someone gives you something you just take it and thank them and make it work.“ She cooked it up and realized it wasn’t enough to call it a meal. She found an onion and tossed it in, then a can of beans, whatever she could find in her bare pantry. She used what little spices she had in her cupboard and was pleased that when she was done, she’d created a meal for her little girl “out of nothing”.  

A Thankful Heart
Ms. Katie receives regular food assistance for her and the little girl she is raising. Through MAFB, she receives assorted groceries including fresh produce, dry and dairy goods, and bread. She finished her story by saying, “I’ve been blessed!”
MAFB Senior in Need
MAFB Family
MAFB Mother and Son
“Thank you all for touching our life with your wonderful acts of kindness. We felt so hopeless and helpless and to know that total strangers came to us in our need touches our hearts.”
-Mr. Caglia, Mobile Pantry Recipient
"I love the special Senior Supplement Box. It is nice to know someone thinks of elderly citizens...It reminds me about the old days, when people shared with others in the community.”
- Ms. Rodgers, Senior Supplement Recipient
Ms. Wanda Jean's Story
Allow me to introduce you to Wanda Jean. Wanda is a hardworking, senior lady who has lived her entire life in the small community of Mosses, Alabama. For those of you who have never heard of Mosses, it is an incorporated town in seriously rural Lowndes County, about 10 miles southwest of the county seat, Hayneville. Wanda Jean was raised rich in multigenerational family and unconditional love and poor in everything else.

​Providing for Family
When David, one of the many great-grandchildren, was born, his mother was unable to take care of him. Wanda Jean stepped forward and David has been her “son” for the seven years of his life. Wanda Jean does not look upon this as heroic or out of the ordinary; she simply did what she needed to do. She works hard to make sure David studies and values education (her own was extremely minimal), stretching her meager income to get him on the road to a life of honorable work. It is our privilege, at Lowndes County Catholic Center, to give her a hand by supplementing her food budget and providing nourishing staples. She and David are especially fond of the variety of foods available that can stretch a long way, such as rice and beans.
"Thank you for being there for us so that we in turn can be there for Wanda Jean and David and so many others like them. We are blessed because of you."
- Sister Kathy, Lowndes County Catholic Center
“I carried a bag of groceries to a mother living in our community who expressed to me that her family had no food. She was surprised and said: ‘I have been praying all day that God would provide us with some food and He has answered my prayer!’”
-Ken Kilpatrick, Compassion 21
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