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The Montgomery Area Food Bank, with our four Partner Distribution Organizations (PDO's) and the subsequent reach in support of more than 800 agencies throughout our extended service area, is what the Department of Defense would refer to as a force multiplier. The rough definition of a force multiplier is, "A capability that, when added to and employed by a force, significantly increases the potential of that force and enhances the probability of successful mission accomplishment."  When it comes to combating hunger, our capabilities increase the potential of each and every one of those 800 partner agencies. 

However, in much the same manner, the philanthropic support we receive from each and every one of you - is our force multiplier.  Below are some of the instances of kindness and support.  This is FAR from a complete listing, and for that we apologize.  However, we are consistently inspired by your generosity and offer a heartfelt - Thank You! 
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USAmeriBank Hunger Action Day
September 28 was USAmeriBank Day. After conducting a month-long Hunger Action Month Food & Fund Drive, a group of employees - led by Caryn Hughes, Senior VP, Alabama Commercial Lending Executive - presented our CEO Rich Deem with the financial proceeds - a $5,000 check!  

After making their generous donation, USAmeribank staff stuck around to donate their time and energy to provide Volunteer assistance. In fact, USAmeriBank supports paid volunteerism, and teams of their staff will be volunteering throughout the day. Thank you for your support!
WOW!!! Ken Wilson, Publix Super Markets, District Manager (left) delivers a $150,000 check from Publix Super Markets Charities recently, for the purchase of a brand new 26’ Refrigerated Truck! The three folks with smiles ranging from presently stunned, to ear-to-ear are (l-r) John Foster, Asst. Warehouse Manager, Grant Writer Ashley Moody, and our Development and Programs Manager Jolene Kearns. 
Our good fortune is a part of an amazingly generous $5 million donation to the Feeding America® network, which represents three times the amount they’ve given in any year! Not only has Publix Super Markets Charities donated a Refrigerated Truck to bolster our aging fleet, but River Region Publix Super Markets participate in their Perishable Recovery Program, which means they’ll be filling the truck too.

Thank you seems insufficient when you receive such an amazing Grant Award from a long-time, committed partner in our fight against hunger, but from all of us to Publix Super Market Charities and our neighbors who comprise their River Region staff - THANK YOU!
Publix Super Market Charities, Partners in the Fight Against Hunger
Morgan Stanley, Montgomery staff members took a moment away from their volunteer work in support of Montgomery Area Food Bank (MAFB) today, to present a Morgan Stanley Foundation $50,000 Grant Award, which will fund a pilot program called School Pantry Program (SPP), which will target the needs of Montgomery’s at-risk, school-aged children.

Morgan Stanley Provides Investment in Montgomery Youth
We are honored to be able to help Montgomery Are Food Bank in its important fight against child hunger,” said Morgan Stanley Financial Advisor and Senior Vice President Lawrence Oakley. “Our employees volunteer regularly with the Montgomery Area Food Bank, so we are delighted to extend our support through this grant and provide even more children with the foods they need to learn, grow and thrive.”

Currently in Montgomery, 1 child in 5 is food insecure, and countless studies indicate the what has been known for some time; there is an immediate and profound negative impact on the performance of school-aged children who don’t have an accessible source of healthy and nutritious food at home, which leads to an adverse long-term impact on their subsequent likelihood of employment.

“We are absolutely thrilled to receive this generous grant from the Morgan Stanley Foundation,” said , Rich Deem, MAFB Chief Executive Officer. “In fact, this grant is actually for $70,000 over two years! Morgan Stanley has not only provided us with the funding to launch this much-needed program, but they’re even giving us the leg-up we need to ensure its sustainability.”

MAFB’s new pilot program emphasizes a community effort to identify and assist at-risk, school-aged children and their families. “Our network operates on the premise that when we work together with local agencies, we’re stronger and far more effective,” explained Deem. “We have identified three of our local community agencies who have subsequently adopted three schools in their respective neighborhoods.”

The community agencies chosen are; First Montgomery SDA Church, Southlawn Baptist Church, and Paul Outreach Services. The adopted schools they’ll be working are; Capitol Heights Middle School, Southlawn Elementary School and Martin Luther King Elementary School respectively.

“We’re excited to be able to be one of the schools in the pilot program,” said Tamara Winston, Principal, Southlawn Elementary School. “Our teachers are usually the first to recognize the children in their classes who need assistance. However, it’s all too often readily evident. These are the children who eat breakfast and lunch at school and regularly go back for more...and finish everything.”
“Morgan Stanley and its employees have been actively fighting hunger in Alabama, by providing vital resources on a consistent basis,” said Deem. “They’ve committed financial support, as well as hours of hands-on volunteer work. Plus, Lawrence (Lawrence Oakley) volunteers his time and professional expertise as a member of our Board of Directors.”

MAFB’s new SPP will grow in 2017, however is not currently considering any more agencies and/or schools to participate this school year. That growth will continue to operate with qualified local agencies in good standing in the MAFB network.
“We’re launching this small pilot program to assist those chronically hungry children by design,” Deem explained. “We’re operating with community agencies in our network who have excellent track records administering our other programs; we’re benefiting from lessons learned by other food banks in the Feeding America network, and of course we’re getting to kick this off due to the generous support of Morgan Stanley.
Please know - your support of 12 Day’s of Giving DOES change lives.  Every year you ARE making a significant difference.
12's Day of Giving may seem as strictly a day of accepting donations for Toys For Tots, Christmas Clearing House and of course the Montgomery Area Food Bank.  However, for us it’s an annual display of the kindness and generosity of spirit we enjoy in the River Region. 

The preliminary totals are in: You gave $24,000, more than 4,000 pounds of food and 1,500 toys. We thank you so much for coming out to provide support for our neighbors in need. 
Once Again - River Region Reaches Out to Make a Difference