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The Montgomery Area Food Bank, with our four Partner Distribution Organizations (PDO's) and the subsequent reach in support of more than 800 agencies throughout our extended service area, is what the Department of Defense would refer to as a force multiplier. The rough definition of a force multiplier is, "A capability that, when added to and employed by a force, significantly increases the potential of that force and enhances the probability of successful mission accomplishment."  When it comes to combating hunger, our capabilities increase the potential of each and every one of those 800 partner agencies. 

However, in much the same manner, the philanthropic support we receive from each and every one of you - is our force multiplier.  Below are some of the instances of kindness and support.  This is FAR from a complete listing, and for that we apologize.  However, we are consistently inspired by your generosity and offer a heartfelt - Thank You! 
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MAFB CEO Offers Thanks, Mission Insight
Chief Executive Officer, Richard Deem's recent appearance on WSFA 12 News' 12Talk, provided an opportunity to offer thanks to the community for its continued support.

Deem was also able to offer insight into the scope and vital necessity of the Montgomery Area Food Bank mission. 

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (May 5, 2017) - - Montgomery Area Food Bank (MAFB) delivered more than 27 TONS of assistance early this morning which will provide assistance to more than 450 families through a Mobile Pantry distribution conducted by Family Guidance Center of Alabama (FGCA).  This Mega Mobile Pantry/ Exercise, Nutrition and Diet (MP/END) Program delivery represents MAFB’s most efficient means of fighting hunger - in one place, at one time, and is part of a $15,000 grant award from Montgomery’s Working Woman’s Home Association (WWHA).

“The Family Guidance Center is one of our agencies, which has an existing Food Pantry on its premises,” said Jolene Kearns, who serves as MAFB’s Programs Development Manager. “However, they also organize an annual Mobile Pantry n Montgomery, which has grown over the years.

“This year they have more than 450 pre-qualified families, so we knew we’d have to multiply our regular single MP distribution, which provides between 5 and 7 Tons of assistance,” added Kearns. “While this isn’t the first time we’ve delivered a ‘Triple MP’, this is one of the largest single event deliveries we’ve made. It’s exciting! We’re going to be helping approximately 1,200 People In Poverty (2.7 people per household/family average) with an estimated 500 of them (40%) being children ”

“It is the partnership and support of the Montgomery Area Food Bank that makes this event possible,” explained Barrett. “The Food Bank has established itself as a premier food donation and distribution agency, “Feeding Hope Across Alabama” is a motto the Food Bank lives every day.. We have vetted over 450 families who are eligible to receive food today, and we’re excited to provide nearly 27 tons of food for these families. Through Montgomery Area’s Food Bank’s partnerships with agencies like ours, local families benefit greatly. ”

While MAFB may be a force multiplier for local community agencies, in order to do so, it continually gathers assets through means ranging from Food and Fund Dives of various sizes, and individual philanthropic support to wholesale and retail food distributor donations and corporate agreements often secured nationally by Feeding America® and executed locally throughout the national network.

In this case, the FGCA’s Mega MP/END was underwritten by part of a $15,000 grant award. The Working Woman’s Home Association (WWHA) is the oldest continuing charity in Montgomery. In 1881, a group of 39 Montgomery women met to form and organize a home for Working Women and the Helpless. Each January WWHA distributes grant monies to agencies whose projects aid women, children, and the elderly.
Culmination of Community Building Efforts Result in Mega Mobile Pantry
​FGCA has been helping to strengthen families in Alabama since 1959. “As the needs of families change, the agency redesigns or establishes new services to meet those changing needs,” according to Sue Barrett, FGSA’a Assistant Executive Director. “Food insecurity has been a growing need among local families for many years. “According to Kids Count 2016, as many as 24% of Montgomery County’s children face food insecurity issues every day. Child wellness and a hopeful future are dependent on adequate, sustained nutrition; it’s a cornerstone to healthy people and healthy communities.”

As a local community agency FGCA, Montgomery joins hundreds of united community efforts participating in MAFB Community Outreach programs. Agencies, almost 80% of which are faith-based, go through a strict screening process and are responsible for maintaining meticulous records of how they utilize the support they receive, as well as qualifications in food safety. Today’s distribution marks the 11th year FGCA has hosted a Mobile Pantry, and today event is the largest of the agency’s three annual food outreach events for families throughout the state.
13th Annual WSFA12 News Annual Summer Food & Fund Drive Food Drive
To say this year's WSFA12News' Annual Summer Food/Fund Drive, was a success would not do it justice.  Once again, the River Region showed why we say we live in the Heart of Alabama.  

Long-time co/sponsors Dixie Electric Cooperative, were joined by Renfroe’s Market and Adam’s Drugs.  In fact, Renfroe's Market - CHANTILLY, 9168 Eastchase Pkwy. is still selling special products in support of the drive until tomorrow!
Amazing Donation !
We consider ourselves fortunate to receive the continued support of our community, but it's not everyday someone donates a pick-up bed full of boxes and buckets filled with coins, and then leaves before we can ask his name and thank him!  Thank you, kind sir.
Publix Super Markets continued commitment to meeting the basic needs of the communities it serves, was once again on display today, when representatives from Publix Super Markets Jacksonville Region, Alabama District and local River Region Store Managers presented Montgomery Area Food Bank (MAFB), CEO Rich Deem with an $11, 442,43 check - the proceeds of the “Food For All” campaign held during the 2016 Holiday Season.

“It’s clear Publix Super Markets takes community responsibility very seriously,” said Deem. “To tell you the truth, it’s gotten to the point where, when we get a call from Publix saying they’d like to come visit, we get excited, because we know something good is about to happen.”

Publix Super Markets has been doing “something good” on a regular basis. Publix Super Markets conducts two hunger-related annual campaigns. They present donation cards representing three pre-designed levels of helping to fight hunger, while customers are at the checkout in the spring (Food For Sharing) and in the fall (Food For All). Once the customer selects a donation level, the cashier scans the card, and the amount is added to the customer’s total order.

So, if you’ve ever wondered if your donations help – the answer is a resounding – YES!

In January of 2017, Publix Super Markets’ Charities selected MAFB to receive a Special Grant Award of a brand new $150,000, 26’ refrigerated truck. Delivered in late February, MAFB’s good fortune was a part of an amazing Publix Super Markets’ Charities $5 million donation to the Feeding America® network! For MAFB, with a service area of 24, 921 square miles, having a reliable fleet of trucks is essential. Moreover, refrigerated trucks allow us to pick-up and deliver fresh, nutritious foods to our neighbors in need.

The Publix/MAFB partnership in fighting hunger is actually a year ‘round effort. Publix Super Markets’ in-store Perishable Recovery Program. Wholesome foods, which are safe for consumption, but unsalable are donated to Feeding America network member food banks - like MAFB.

Having increased MAFB’s refrigerated truck capacity to take full advantage of the Perishable Recovery Program, Publix has not only increased MAFB’s capacity to accept and distribute fresh, nutritious food, but have filled those trucks several times over throughout the year.
This partnership not only results in MAFB being more capable of fighting hunger, but has a direct, positive upon the health of the Alabama demographic group most susceptible to diet-related, chronic diseases such as diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure and cardiac disease.

“We’re very happy to be able to help Montgomery Area Food Bank,” said Ken Wilson, Publix Super Markets, District Manager after he turned over the keys to the new truck in February. “All of our stores partner with Feeding America Food Banks and through the Publix Perishable Recovery Program, we’re able to provide perfectly good food, which would often otherwise go to waste. Increasing their refrigerated truck capacity means less of our neighbors go hungry.”

Still not fulfilled; in April Publix associates were joined by their Wilson and River Region Store Managers to conduct a massive volunteer effort in MAFB’s Volunteer Center, separating and packing donated non-perishable food items.

And then there was Friday, June 16th. That’s the date Publix Super Markets delivered the proceeds of this Spring’s Annual “Food for Sharing” campaign. “All they’ve told us is that there’s nine pallets full of non-perishable assistance,” said Deem, “which meant we knew there would be a heavy load, but 19,148 pounds, that’s a lot of food of sharing!. You know, during these times of talks of budget cuts and partisanship, it touches your heart to see how The River Region responds to neighbors in need"
Publix Super Markets Delivers: 'Food For All', Food For Sharing'
Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Alabama (HMMA) team members and HMMA’s Alabama-based suppliers showed their generosity and team spirit by collecting $21,828.25 for their Annual Montgomery Area Food Bank (MAFB) Fund & Food Drive.

“Hyundai is one of the strongest supporters of our mission to eradicate hunger in Alabama,” said MAFB Chief Executive Officer, Richard A. Deem. “Hyundai team members are acutely aware of the great challenge their ‘food insecure’ friends and neighbors face daily. Not only are they concerned but they take action. The Montgomery Area Food Bank treasures our partnership with Hyundai.”

Food bank barrels and boxes were delivered to HMMA and the supplier operations to encourage participation. The food bank’s CEO, Rich Deem, offered his thanks to team members and suppliers for their continued support.

“Once again the HMMA team members have given willingly and generously to those in need. HMMA strives to be a leader in corporate giving,” said Craig Stapley, director of production – HMMA. “We are willing neighbors who respond when we see a need. Feeding the hungry is near and dear to all of us.”
Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Alabama, MAFB Team-up to Fight Hunger
Publix Super Markets Charities made an extraordinary announcement one year ago to the day, stating they would donate $5 million to the Feeding America® network, including 28-member food banks and 38 of their local partner agencies across Publix’s operating area. Recently, they one-upped themselves, when Publix Charities corporate leadership flew here to present Montgomery Area Food Bank (MAFB) with a $150,000 donation and announced another $5 Million commitment!

“According to the USDA, more than 42 million Americans live in food insecure households, including 13 million children, said Publix CEO and President Todd Jones, while addressing the gathered crowd comprised of more than 50 Publix associates and store managers, City of Montgomery Mayor Todd Strange, MAFB staff and members of the Board of Directors. “Montgomery Area Food Bank is one of our great partners that is serving hundreds of thousands of people in need, and we are just very fortunate to be part of that with them today.” 
Publix Super Market Charities Brings MORE to the Table...AGAIN!
This announcement represents the second year in-a-row Publix Super Markets Charities has committed $5 million to the Feeding America® network. Over the past three years, Publix Super Market Charities has contributed more than $11.5 million to hunger related programs. Last year’s announcement, which was more than three times the amount given in any previous year, represented a huge leap in support...and now they’ve done it again! The donations, this year and last, purposefully provide funding to assist in the transportation and program needs of food banks and their agencies. 

Of course, if you’ve been following Publix and the Montgomery Area Food Bank you know Publix Charities awarded MAFB a $150,000 in February to buy a brand new 26’ refrigerated truck. Refrigerated trucks are an essential backbone for food banking, because with increased refrigerated capacity, food banks can pick-up and deliver more fresh, nutrient-dense food to the nation’s demographic most susceptible to diet-related, chronic diseases like diabetes, obesity, hypertension and high cholesterol.

“Publix Super Markets Foundation; Charities and our local super markets have always been generous with their support, and we worked well together through their Perishable Recovery Program, which provided more than a million pounds of fresh, nutritious food in our last Fiscal Year,” said MAFB Chief Executive Officer, Richard A. Deem. “But, by increasing our refrigerated truck capacity Publix knew we’re able to increase what we can pick-up from them and deliver to our neighbors in need.”

In 2007, Publix piloted the in-store perishable recovery program to benefit the Feeding America® network of food banks. Fresh food departments across their stores, including deli, meat, produce and dairy, gathered perishable, wholesome foods that were safe for consumption, but unsalable to donate to member food banks. In 2009, the pilot expanded, and a companywide rollout occurred in 2010. 

Feeding America® has recognized Publix Super Markets as an inaugural Visionary Partner of for food donations made through the Perishable Recovery Program. In the past five years alone, Publix has donated more than 220 million pounds of perishable food throughout the Feeding America® network.

MAFB an Publix Super Markets have been busily working to maximize the Publix Perishable Recovery Program locally. In MAFB’s last Fiscal Year, 404,665 pounds of food was recovered in the immediate Montgomery area alone, with 1,127,989 pounds being recovered from 17 stores throughout the MAFB service area.

But wait - there’s more! Publix Super Markets conducts two annual Food & Fund Drives: One during the holiday season and one in the Spring. In mid-June representatives from Publix Super Markets Jacksonville Region, Alabama District and local River Region Store Managers presented MAFB with an $11, 442,43 check - the proceeds of the “Food For All” campaign held during the 2016 Holiday Season. Then, just three days later, Publix dropped off the 19,148 pounds worth of proceeds from their “Food For Sharing” campaign!

Recognizing the value of teaming up with the nation’s third largest charity, Publix has taken the opportunity to give back to communities throughout the Southeast and work with food banks and agencies in the Feeding America® network to enable these organizations to bring more to the table.

So, during the past year Publix Charities has funded a new MAFB refrigerated truck, provided funds to operate it, and filled it – not just once through “Food For Sharing,” but almost daily. And then Tuesday evening, Publix corporate leadership flew to Montgomery to make the announcement of a second annual commitment to donate $5 million, and personally deliver a $150,000 donation to Montgomery Area Food Bank.

“We decided to make this announcement here in Montgomery, because our teams work so well together,” said Dwaine Stevens, Jacksonville Region Media & Community Relations Manager. “We want to continue to build on those successes.”

Feeding America® Network food banks throughout Alabama will benefit from Publix Super Markets Charities’ generosity. Publix announced they will make also make $150,000 donations to the Community Food Bank of Central Alabama in Birmingham; Feeding the Gulf Coast in Theodore and $50,000 to Food Bank of North Alabama in Huntsville.
The three main areas of focus found within the Walmart 2017 Global Responsibility Report (GRR) are; Opportunity (creating economic opportunity); Sustainability (enhancing supply chains and eliminating waste…especially food); and Community (strengthening local communities). This week their goals of Sustainability and Community were combined, and Montgomery Area Food Bank (MAFB), was able to play a part in ensuring a calamity was not without an inkling of a silver lining.

As Hurricane Irma was bearing down on the State of Florida, routine Walmart food shipments were forced to be diverted to Distribution Centers in Brundage and Opelika, AL. The trucks were certainly not going to drive directly into harm’s way, and they were already assigned to unload their payloads and continue supporting Walmart’s efforts throughout the rest of the nation.

As a result; both Distribution Centers began to wrestle with the question of what they should do with tons of extra food. Of particular concern, was the fresh produce. That’s when MAFB’s David Fata, who not only serves as Deputy Director, but is also in charge of food procurement, received a call.

“We have enjoyed an outstanding working relationship with Walmart for a very long time, Fata said. “They are regular contributors to our Store Donation Program, which entails us sending refrigerated trucks to their stores and distribution centers to pick up fresh food they determine is not marketable, but unquestionably still fresh enough to be eaten.

“Whenever we receive a call from Walmart asking us if we can pick up additional food, our immediate attitude is not determining whether to say yes or no…it’s yes,” added Fata. “But, when they told me how much fresh produce they had, and that they called us, because we’d be the fastest way to get it to our neighbors in need before it went bad, my answer may have been yes, but I was already thinking about how the heck are we going to get this accomplished the whole time I was on the phone!” 

One of MAFB’s most efficient and effective outreach programs is the Mobile Pantry/Exercise, Nutrition and Diet (MP/END) Program. Each single MP/END delivery provides between 5 and 7 tons of assistance, as well as nutrition education materials, to one place, at one time.

An MP/END distribution is spearheaded by a cadre of pre-qualified, proven-to-be-capable local community agencies. “We immediately called the agencies who were already scheduled to conduct a Mobile Pantry to see if they could handle taking additional food,” said Fata. “Their attitudes were a lot like ours…absolutely! So, single deliveries became doubled and double MP deliveries became equivalent to a triple MP.

“Then we turned to other agencies who have shown the proven capability of conducting short-notice MP/ENDs in the past,” explained Fata. “We were able to add 8 additional agencies, who are conducting a combination of double and/or triple deliveries! I cannot possibly say enough about our warehouse and transportation teams. It takes a coordinated effort to orchestrate what they’ve been able to accomplish, while still maintaining their regular responsibilities! “ ​“We’re very selective when we hire warehouse personnel and drivers,” said John Foster, MAFB’s Transportation Manager. “Of course, they have to have all the qualifications, but we realize our drivers represent the food bank wherever they go, so we really look for someone who gets it.

“They’ve got to truly believe in what we’re doing here,” explained Foster. “Then, when something out of the ordinary happens, we have a team who’s looking at how what we’re doing is supporting our mission. I’ve got an amazing crew...they get it.” 

“We’re still keeping a running total of how much food we’ve picked-up and distributed,” said Fata. “But I can tell you Walmart actually delivered a full 53’ foot truck to us today, which is opposite our regular Store Donation process. 

“I can also tell you we’ve already surpassed 110 tons of strictly fresh produce, so we know we’re setting new records for pounds distributed through our MP/END program, which when you consider this is Hunger Action Month – seems fitting.”
To the Tune of 110 Tons!
Walmart, MAFB Team up to Prevent Waste of Diverted Food 
MONTGOMERY, Ala. (October 5, 2017) — The Walmart Foundation presented the Montgomery Area Food Bank with a grant totaling more than $148,000 in support of its Mobile Pantry program during a volunteer effort earlier today. Walmart associates throughout the River Region joined the Montgomery Area Food Bank on Thursday to prepare a distribution for an upcoming Mobile Pantry/Exercise, Nutrition and Diet program delivery. 

Walmart’s Impact on the River Region?

“We are extremely excited and very grateful Walmart has provided us with such an amazingly generous grant,” said Richard A. Deem, Chief Executive Officer of the Montgomery Area Food Bank. “This grant is yet another example of Walmart’s resolve and continuing commitment to fighting hunger.” 

This grant will provide funding for 85 Mobile Pantry deliveries across the Montgomery Area Food Bank’s 35 county coverage area that are capable of providing nutrition education materials and between 700,000 to one million meals (primarily nutritious, fresh food) to more than 10,000 food-insecure families, including an estimated 9,000 children. 

“It is our mission to give more people access to a better life, one individual, one family and one community at a time,” said Annemarie Browning, Walmart Vice President and Regional General Manager for Central and North Alabama. “In addition to the community service our associates perform, and the food we donate to the communities we serve, grants like these allow us to help local nonprofit organizations fulfill their mission and continue to serve their communities with the highest level of impact.” 

Walmart and Montgomery Area Food Bank’s Commitment to Hunger Relief 

In FY2017, Walmart and the Walmart Foundation donated more than $50 million toward hunger relief in the U.S. “It’s also important to note that Walmart has provided strong backing both financially, and through their longtime, committed participation in our growing Store Donation Program,” explained Deem. “In the past they’ve also awarded us refrigerated trucks, which increases our capacity to distribute assistance. So, it’s very possible Walmart will have provided the truck and then filled it with tons of assistance several times over during these 85 Mobile Pantry/Exercise, Nutrition and Diet deliveries.” 
“Leveraging the popularity of our Mobile Pantry program to grow our Exercise, Nutrition and Diet program represents what may be our best opportunity to help combat Alabama's track record of unhealthy outcomes concerning diet-related, chronic disease,” said Deem. “Fortunately, Walmart is clearly committed to supporting creative and effective means of providing assistance, as well as reminding folks about the direct correlation between nutrition and health, and we cannot thank them enough.”

Montgomery Area Food Bank’s Mobile Pantry is a substantial, hyper-efficient delivery of nutrition directly to those in need. Conducted with pre-qualified, participating agencies, each Mobile Pantry routinely delivers between 8,000 and 12,000 meals, assisting from 120-150 families at a time and each family receiving approximately 60 meals.

Montgomery Area Food Bank’s Mobile Pantry makes each delivery to one place at one time, so it is an extremely productive program that is extremely popular among our network of participating local community agencies assisting qualified neighbors.

One hundred percent of the neighbors receiving that assistance comprise the most susceptible demographic to diet-related, chronic disease in Alabama. This fact is never lost on Montgomery Area Food Bank’s Mobile Pantry, which led to the combination of the Mobile Pantry/Exercise, Nutrition and Diet delivery programs in 2014.

    The Exercise, Nutrition and Diet aspect of a Mobile Pantry/Exercise, Nutrition and Diet delivery takes advantage of the “Teaching Moments” the Mobile Pantry’s popularity create. Nutrition education materials provided are based on U.S. Food and Drug Administration nutritional fundamentals ranging from food choices and health, childhood nutrition, food safety concerns, and studies linking food insecurity to obesity and diabetes.
Walmart Foundation Awards MAFB $148,000 Grant 
Grant Funds 85 Mobile Pantries, provides more than 700,000 meals to more than 10,000 families  
Montgomery Area Food Bank recently hosted representatives from more than 150 local community agencies during its Fifth Annual Agency Conference, inside Dalraida Church of Christ.

“I’ve been to every one of these conferences,” said Sandy Christensen, form St Luke’s United Methodist Church, which operates a thriving Senior Supplement Program. “I look forward to networking with other agencies to see how they operate…how they do things. Plus, the conferences seem to pump me up and re-generate my enthusiasm.” 

The theme for this year’s conference was “Helping Hands Feeding Hope”. The conference presents an annual opportunity for leadership of local agencies throughout the River Region to network, share lessons learned, and review and learn more about resources available from MAFB and throughout the River Region.

Becoming a MAFB-supported agency involves a strict process of verified qualifications and proven skill sets. Once an agency is established they receive equally stringent, continued monitoring to ensure food safety, and must maintain requisite documentation to provide a transparent accountability of the resources they receive and distribute.

“I’m excited about the panel format for this year’s conference,” said Tammy Middleton, Executive Director of Friendship Mission’s Homeless Shelters. “These conferences have really taught me more about the inner workings of how the food bank works, and I think doing the panel and having people explain that there are so many different programs, will give us even more insight into other ways we can help people in the community who are suffering from hunger.”

At this year’s conference, there will be a panel of 11 separate agency representatives who will participate in a panel discussion concerning the challenges, strategies and victories of their various programs. They will also be discussing and networking directly with the agency representatives in the audience during and after their presentations.                                       

PROGRAM:                                                 AGENCY 
Mobile Pantry:                                             First Montgomery Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) 
F.O.R.K: Paul Outreach Services                Back Pack Program:                                         True Divine                                                 Community Development 
Hunger in Hispanic Communities:               Montgomery Hispanic SDA Church 
Rural Hunger:                                              Mt. Zion Missionary Baptist - Greenville 
Meals on Wheels:                                        First Baptist Church, Ripley St.
Senior Center:                                             A New Beginning For You  
Youth Programs:                                         Alabama Empowerment Coalition 
Pantry Program:                                         Chilton County Emergency Assistance Center
On Site Feeding Program:                          Friendship Mission, Inc. 
Senior Supplement Program:                     St. Luke United Methodist Church 
MAFB has also arranged for local available resources to be present to discuss how they may be able to provide specific assistance with agency leadership.

Resource Providers included: 
Wood Forest Bank: Financial Services for the agency’s clients.
County Extension Service: Food Safety Information to pass along to clients.
Alabama Career Center: Employment Service information to pass along to clients.
Social Security Administration: Social Security benefits, programs, and services.
Family Guidance Center: Melissa Kelly - Available programs to help clients in need.
Baptist Health: Senior Advantage Program benefits.
Davis & Associates: Medicare Fraud and information about the new Medicare Cards.
Palmer Williams Group: Provides  programs to assist and guide disadvantage youth. 
Easter Seals/Dogs on Call: Trains and certifies Service Dogs for use in many settings.
Omega Global Brokers: Medicare Plans, Drug Plans, etc.

It takes a network of dedicated professionals and constantly resilient collaborative efforts at the local, state, regional and national levels to feed hope of effectively combating an issue as pervasive as hunger. During the past 30 years, MAFB has grown to occupy a strategically integral place in a network of national, regional, state and local agencies, departments and charities working together to fight hunger and “Feed Hope”.

From receiving guidance and support from Feeding America® (FA), the 3rd largest charity in the nation, and the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Commodity Supplemental Food Program (CSFP), to providing direct support to our four Partner Distribution Organizations (PDO) in Tuscaloosa, Selma, Dothan and the Wiregrass, MAFB’s network is designed as a collaborative effort, which ultimately leads to low-income, at-risk families receiving assistance through an extended reach to more than 800 local community agencies throughout 35 of Alabama’s 67 counties.  

The resulting network serves as a “force multiplier,” designed to enable the success of local community agencies, which deal directly with their neighbors in need. Together, we are bigger, better, stronger and more effective.

Fifth Annual Agency Conference
MAFB Member of Feeding America
MAFB River Region Ethics Award
MAFB Guidestar Exchange
MAFB is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and an equal opportunity employer and provider. 
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