Mobile Pantry Program
Montgomery Area Food Bank continues to experience rapid growth of our Mobile Pantry (MP) program. MAFB Mobile Pantries are conducted with one of our pre-qualified, participating agencies. Together we are able to coordinate a substantial, hyper-efficient delivery of nutrition directly to those in need. Each MP routinely delivers between 5 and 7 tons of food, assisting from 120-150 families at ONE time and in ONE place, with each family receiving from 75-100 pounds of vital sustenance. 

These community-driven deliveries are operated in partnership with a growing number of
pre-qualified community agencies -- religious institutions, churches and non-profits whose missions encompass helping others with food insecurity.

In 2014 MAFB initiated the MP/END Project, which combined our popular Mobile Pantry (MP) and Exercise, Nutrition and Diet (END) programs.  As a result we have been able to emphasize the strongest aspects of each separate program resulting in a well-received means of addressing immediate hunger needs, while promoting community interaction, nutritional education and healthier outcomes.

By leveraging our MP's popularity and demand, we've created END program "teaching moments" while our audiences are most attentive. This combination is allowing us to proactively promote our END priorities of healthy living, which we believe represents our best opportunity to combat the adverse health outcomes of the "fast food lifestyle" which are devastating Alabama.

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MAFB Member of Feeding America