We hope all is well with you and your organization.  This time of the year we are very busy trying to fulfill regular shopping, those shopping for holiday purposes, and picking up of hams and turkeys for the holiday.


Please read the guidelines below to help you understand Food Bank processes during this very busy time of the year.


·        We are not adding any more appointments to our calendar during the time frame of October 19 to December 31, 2020 to accommodate those agencies trying to just get turkeys & hams. We’ve been operating at maximum operational capacity since the pandemic began, orders have been extremely large, and appointments have remained full every day since March.

·        Holidays meats always cause shopping panic -- appointments are at a minimum and go very quickly.  We are doing our best to accommodate over 300 agencies and as we explained in earlier communications have taken steps to save you money by saving turkeys and hams throughout the year.  By doing so, we can distribute more holidays meats than if we had to purchase them.

·        As a reminder:  Appointment days and times are as follows: 

o   Mon.-Thurs. 7am, 8am, 9am, & 10am. 

o   There will only  be 5 appointments in each of these hour slots.

·        We cannot schedule appointments any further out than 2 weeks. The only exception to that rule is Senior Supplement Program,  which can be scheduled once a month.

·        There will possibly be days that we are shorthanded with staff members.  This makes it difficult to get through on our phone lines because fewer people are answering the phone.  Please be patient and try calling back at another time until you can get through.

·        Since this is the holiday season, and we are very busy on the phone setting appointments, we can no longer take any more orders over the phone.  We must ask that you send your order via: 

o   FAX @ 334-262-6854 OR

o   E-mail @  OR 

o   Drop by the Food Bank and fill out an order and leave it with a staff member.

·        Please remember that we are still operating under COVID procedures until further notice.  This means only catalog orders are available until you are instructed that things have changed.  Masks and social distancing still apply.

·        When placing an order for Turkeys and Hams it is highly suggested that you order other items you may want to have for the holidays and plan ahead to get what you need in case appointments are full.


If you keep these points in mind it will lead to a stress free as possible holiday season for your church or organizations.  We appreciate your patience and all you do for our community.