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Thank you for your interest in conducting a Food/Fund Drive (FFD) in support of the Montgomery Area Food Bank (MAFB).  We are grateful for your enthusiastic support.  We have come to recognize and appreciate the undeniable "Pride in Ownership" of our mission by so many members of our community.  It's this commitment which not only continues to make us a strong community, but has been exemplified since 1986, by your willingness to donate your time and effort, as well as nourishment and assistance to our mission to 'Feed Hope Across Alabama."  

Over the years we have found Food & Fund Drives have two distinct areas of responsibilIty, which ensure our successful support of your efforts. While these areas naturally enhance one another, they are managed independently.  The logistical coordination of picking up supplies like boxes and donation barrels, as well as the ultimate drop off of donated assistance, is accomplished by a completely separate function of the food bank than the promotion necessary to encourage public participation.     

     All Logistical support:  For Food & Fund Drives MUST be coordinated with Teressa Millwood, Fund/Food Drives-Events & Volunteer Coordinator ahead of time.  Please fill out the form below and click the Big Red "SUBMIT".button.  

     All Promotional Support:  If your organization would like us provide promotional support please fill out the same form completely and click the Big Red “SUBMIT” Button. Promotional information will be sent to our Media Relations Team Leader - Al Bloom . Please keep in mind, the best way to get your event promoted is by providing images, photos and/or logos - well ahead of time. 


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You may use containers of your choice, or barrels and/or boxes may be obtained at MAFB. We suggest you take one or two barrels for use in collecting the food and additional boxes for use in storing and transporting.

PLEASE do not apply or attach anything to MAFB barrels. The graphics are easily ruined.

Unfortunately, with the number of drives and our small staff, we cannot support donation drop-offs/pick-ups. So, as you are conducting your charitable mission, MAFB appreciates your understanding about our expensive transportation costs as you pick up your requested containers/boxes and return your collected drive to us.

Especially during the Holiday Season, we simply do not have the resources or manpower to pick up & deliver for individual fund/food drives. We can only make exceptions for very large drives where the amount of food collected necessitates transport by one of our commercial vehicles and truck coordination has been pre-arranged.
​                                                                                              MAFB offices are open for pick-up and drop-off 
Monday through Thursday from 6:30 am - 3 pm 
Fridays 6:30 am - 9:30 am 

Please indicate the number of boxes or barrels needed. Barrels fill up quickly, and our boxes are stackable and far easier to handle when full for transport.
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DETAILS*  Please share details about your event. Anything which makes it unique.  The more you share, the more you help us promote your event.  
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Please Note All photography provided to Montgomery Area Food Bank (MAFB) for use in promotion/recognition efforts will become property of MAFB.  The submission of photography indicates the submitter has secured individual release authority approval.  To ensure the greatest possible use, photographs should show as many faces as possible and be accompanied with the following, a brief description of what is happening in the image, identification of individuals if the image features four or less people, when the image was taken and whenever possible by whom.  Please double check spelling.  Your friends will want their names spelled correctly.
After submitting your info, please provide any promotional updates, changes, logos and photographs to:​  Al Bloom.  Even if you send us photos of you and your friends DURING the event - after the event happens...we'll still try to promote your results and the great time you had!  Please be sure to give us the names of the people who are in your photos, and even the name of the photographer!
All LOGISTICAL SUPPORT must be coordinated through Teressa Vigneault Millwood our Food & Fund Drive Coordinator: 334-263-3784.
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MAFB is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and an equal opportunity employer and provider. 
Any donations made through our website are done so through a secure server. We never sell or rent our supporter's names.
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