Events, Food & Fund Drives 
Hosting a Fund and Food Drive has become a great way for our community to impact our mission to feed individuals and families in need across Alabama! Every grocery item donated helps. Every dollar donated provides an additional 6 ½ pounds of assistance directly to those who are struggling to put food on the table.

Communities, businesses, clubs, schools and individuals continually display their pride in ownership, and empathy for the MAFB mission by hosting countless Fund and Food Drives on our behalf…many of which we are unaware of until the proceeds are delivered.
There are more than a few Food & Fund Drives which have become annual events.  Considering how many and how widely these events differ, Independent Food & Fund Raisers are viewed by our communities as a fun, social way to volunteer individual time and talents to a truly worthy mission.  That said, the food drives that take our hearts are the children who have birthday parties and ask party goers to bring nonperishable food instead of presents…and then donate them in support of our mission.

We’ve put together a Fund & Food Drive Information Sheet, which provides some guidance and even a way to let us know how many MAFB boxes and/or barrels you want to use.  When we are presented with folks who are feel they might not be quite ready to host their own drive, but want to anyway, we can frequently provide opportunities to support a current drive which is being promoted here. 

We even have a list of suggested items to donate during the holidays.  Teressa Vigneault Millwood is our Food & Fund Drive Coordinator.  You can call her at 334-263-3784 if you have questions.

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One out of five of us deal with Food Insecurity, which means four out of five of us could help!

MAFB is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and an equal opportunity employer and provider. 
Any donations made through our website are done so through a secure server. We never sell or rent our supporter's names.
EVENT: The Montgomery City - County Public Library Food for Fines Campaign 
DATE: April 11 - May 21
LOCATION: Montgomery City - County Public Libraries

AMNESTY!  Once a year the good folks at the Montgomery City - County Public Libraries forgive those of us who forget to return our books on time.  From April 11 to May 21 they will accept donated food in lieu of an overdue book fine!  The exchange rate is one 13 ounce can of food for one overdue book.  
While you should always return your library books on time - please forgive us if we hope you have a shelf-full of overdue books!

Be sure to visit for library locations and hours of operation.  
Promotion: If your organization would like for Montgomery Area Food Bank to promote or acknowledge your fund raising and/or food drive event on our social media, (like below) please fill out an Event Information Form for Public Promotion  and click the Big Red “SUBMIT” Button. The info you provide will be sent to our Communications Team for consideration. Unfortunately, not all requests for promotion or acknowledgement can be chosen. However, our team will do all they can to promote as many as possible.
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EVENT:  Outnumber Hunger
DATE: March 28 - May 2016 
LOCATION: All local participating grocery stores.

General Mills has conducted the Outnumber Hunger Campaign since 2011, and this year they’ve made participation as easy as 1,2,3!

           1 - Buy specially-marked boxes of General Mills products with Outnumber Hunger codes are currently in stores nationwide. 

           2 - General Mills has already donated $500,000 to Feeding America. However, General Mills will also donate up to an additional                 $700,000 to local food banks (THAT’s US) if you purchase these specially-marked products and do one more crucial step.

           3 - Once you ‘ve made your purchase simply Log on to; type in special code AND to be sure the                 Montgomery  Area Food Bank receives YOUR support, all you have to do is add your zip code, or better yet, add our zip code.