Friday, July 13, 2018


                                Appointment Date:                       Time:



                                Order No.

  ALL OTHER DONATED                                                      Cases

                  Guzzlers Concord Grape Drink, 24/20.0 oz plastic bottles, LIMIT 3 CASES PER WEEK


  FEEDING AMERICA DONATION                                        Cases

                  Crowder Peas, Bush's, 12/15 oz cans, LIMIT 10 CASES PER WEEK (Yellow)

                  Glad Lunch Variety Pack Containers, 4 boxes of 16 pieces (4 Mini Round, 2 Snack, 2

                   Entrée) (Yellow)

  OTHER PURCHASED                                                        Cases

                  Corn Meal, Yellow Self-Rising, 12/2 lb bags, $12.50 per case (Purchased FB)

                  ELMORE CO. ONLY, Macaroni and Cheese, 24/7.25 oz pkg, LIMIT 5 CASES PER

                  WEEK, $1.98 per case (Purchased FEMA)

                  Macaroni and Cheese, 12/7.25 oz ($5.81 per case) (Purchased FB)

                  Ramen Noodles, Chicken Flavored, 24/3 oz pkg ($5.75 per case)  (Purchased FB)

  USDA TEFAP                                                                     Cases

                  Applesauce Cups, 96/4.5 oz cups (USDA)

                  Beans, Dark Red Kidney, Dry, 12/2 lb bags  (USDA)

                  Beans, Pinto, Dry, 12/2 lb bags, LIMIT 5 CASES PER WEEK  (USDA)

                  Beans, Small Red, Dry, 12/2 lb bags (USDA)

                  Beef Stew, 24/24.0 oz pouches (LIMIT 5 CASES PER WEEK) (USDA)

                  Carrots, Sliced, Canned,  24/14.5 oz cans (LIMIT 5 CASES PER WEEK)  (USDA)

                  Chicken, Boned, Canned, 24/15.0 oz cans, LIMIT 5 CASES EVERY 30 DAYS (USDA)


  USDA TEFAP                                                                     Cases

                  Fig Pieces, Dried, 24/1 lb bags  (USDA)

                  Juice, Grape, 8/64 oz plastic bottles  (USDA)

                  Peanut Butter, Smooth, 12/18 oz plastic jars (LIMIT 5 CASES PER WEEK)  (USDA)

                  Plums, Dried Pitted, 24/1 lb bags  (USDA)

                  Pork, Canned, 24/24 oz cans (LIMIT 5 CASES PER WEEK)  (USDA)

                  Potatoes, Sliced, Canned, 24/15 oz cans (LIMIT 5 CASES PER WEEK)  (USDA)

                  Sweet Peas, Canned, 24/15 oz cans (LIMIT 5 CASES PER WEEK) (USDA)