Our Partner Agencies
Our network of partner agencies are essential to our mission of "Feeding Hope Across Alabama." Without them it would be difficult, if not impossible, to serve so many of the 385,000 individuals who struggle with hunger. 

They serve individuals and families directly by implementing on-site feeding programs, emergency food pantries, Meals-on-Wheels programs, and many other necessary assistance programs. In total, MAFB and our Partner Distribution Organizations work with over 800 Partner Agencies throughout the state of Alabama to reach out to those in need. We serve more than 300 agencies directly from our Montgomery facility and every year we create new partnerships to build an even stronger network. 

Want to learn more? Attend an Orientation
Orientation for existing and new agencies (or those wanting to learn more) is held on the second Friday of every month (except December) from 9-11am.  To reserve your spot, please call Vicky at 263-3784.  Please note that children are not allowed in our facility.
MAFB Partner Agency

Are you part of a church or non-profit organization that is interested in becoming a Partner Agency? We have all of the tools you need to launch your own food pantry or on-site feeding program to serve the hungry in your community. While there are universal standards for verifying the eligibility of those you serve, food safety and storage, please know that each agency program is different; you can design the size of your program based upon the capacity of your organization. 

Looking to start a Feeding Program at your church or nonprofit?
MAFB Partner Agency
Montgomery Area Food Bank recently hosted representatives from more than 150 local community agencies during its Fifth Annual Agency Conference, inside Dalraida Church of Christ.

“I’ve been to every one of these conferences,” said Sandy Christensen, form St Luke’s United Methodist Church, which operates a thriving Senior Supplement Program. “I look forward to networking with other agencies to see how they operate…how they do things. Plus, the conferences seem to pump me up and re-generate my enthusiasm.” 

The theme for this year’s conference was “Helping Hands Feeding Hope”. The conference presents an annual opportunity for leadership of local agencies throughout the River Region to network, share lessons learned, and review and learn more about resources available from MAFB and throughout the River Region.

Becoming a MAFB-supported agency involves a strict process of verified qualifications and proven skill sets. Once an agency is established they receive equally stringent, continued monitoring to ensure food safety, and must maintain requisite documentation to provide a transparent accountability of the resources they receive and distribute.

“I’m excited about the panel format for this year’s conference,” said Tammy Middleton, Executive Director of Friendship Mission’s Homeless Shelters. “These conferences have really taught me more about the inner workings of how the food bank works, and I think doing the panel and having people explain that there are so many different programs, will give us even more insight into other ways we can help people in the community who are suffering from hunger.”

At this year’s conference, there will be a panel of 11 separate agency representatives who will participate in a panel discussion concerning the challenges, strategies and victories of their various programs. They will also be discussing and networking directly with the agency representatives in the audience during and after their presentations.                                       

PROGRAM:                                                 AGENCY 
Mobile Pantry:                                             First Montgomery Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) 
F.O.R.K: Paul Outreach Services                Back Pack Program:                                               True Divine                                                 Community Development 
Hunger in Hispanic Communities:            Montgomery Hispanic SDA Church 
Rural Hunger:                                              Mt. Zion Missionary Baptist - Greenville 
Meals on Wheels:                                        First Baptist Church, Ripley St.
Senior Center:                                             A New Beginning For You  
Youth Programs:                                         Alabama Empowerment Coalition 
Pantry Program:                                         Chilton County Emergency Assistance Center
On Site Feeding Program:                          Friendship Mission, Inc. 
Senior Supplement Program:                    St. Luke United Methodist Church 
MAFB has also arranged for local available resources to be present to discuss how they may be able to provide specific assistance with agency leadership.

Resource Providers included: 
Wood Forest Bank: Financial Services for the agency’s clients.
County Extension Service: Food Safety Information to pass along to clients.
Alabama Career Center: Employment Service information to pass along to clients.
Social Security Administration: Social Security benefits, programs, and services.
Family Guidance Center: Melissa Kelly - Available programs to help clients in need.
Baptist Health: Senior Advantage Program benefits.
Davis & Associates: Medicare Fraud and information about the new Medicare Cards.
Palmer Williams Group: Provides  programs to assist and guide disadvantage youth. 
Easter Seals/Dogs on Call: Trains and certifies Service Dogs for use in many settings.
Omega Global Brokers: Medicare Plans, Drug Plans, etc.

It takes a network of dedicated professionals and constantly resilient collaborative efforts at the local, state, regional and national levels to feed hope of effectively combating an issue as pervasive as hunger. During the past 30 years, MAFB has grown to occupy a strategically integral place in a network of national, regional, state and local agencies, departments and charities working together to fight hunger and “Feed Hope”.

From receiving guidance and support from Feeding America® (FA), the 3rd largest charity in the nation, and the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Commodity Supplemental Food Program (CSFP), to providing direct support to our four Partner Distribution Organizations (PDO) in Tuscaloosa, Selma, Dothan and the Wiregrass, MAFB’s network is designed as a collaborative effort, which ultimately leads to low-income, at-risk families receiving assistance through an extended reach to more than 800 local community agencies throughout 35 of Alabama’s 67 counties.  

The resulting network serves as a “force multiplier,” designed to enable the success of local community agencies, which deal directly with their neighbors in need. Together, we are bigger, better, stronger and more effective.

Fifth Annual Agency Conference, Unqualified Success
To learn more about how to join the food bank network, please review our application. We now have two applications available for your non-profit: The 501(c)(3) Application and The Church Application. For more information, or general inquiry, contact Vicky Manley at vickymanley@montgomeryareafoodbank.org.
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