Wednesday, October 9, 2019


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  FEEDING AMERICA DONATION                                                        Cases

                  Heinz Ketchup Miniature Size, 60/2.25 oz glass bottles, LIMIT 10 CASES PER WEEK


                  Planters Wasabi Honey Peanuts, 8/6.0 oz pkg (Yellow)

                  S.P.P. ONLY, White Milk, 1%, Shelf Stable, 27/8.0 oz cartons, LIMIT 25 CASES PER

                  WEEK (Yellow)

  NATIONAL DONOR                                                                           Cases

                  Fudge Stripes Minis Original Cookies, 14/3.0 oz boxes of 4 pouches (Blue)

                  Quaker Strawberry Baked Squares, 8 cartons of 5/2.11 oz bars (Blue)

  OTHER PURCHASED                                                                        Cases

                  Elbow Macaroni, 20/1 lb pkg, $10.29 per case  (Purchased FB)

                  Macaroni and Cheese, 24/7.25 oz pkg, $8.36 per case (Purchased FB)

                  Ramen Noodles, Chicken Flavored, 24/3 oz pkg ($6.55 per case)  (Purchased FB)

                  Rice, 24/1 lb bags, $10.25 per case  (Purchased FB)

                  Spaghetti, 24/16.0 oz pkg, $14.30 per case (Purchased FB)

  USDA TEFAP                                                                                     Cases

                  Beans, Garbanzo/Chick Peas,  $0.09 per lb. Low Sodium, Canned, 24/15.5 oz (USDA)

                  Beef Stew, 24/24.0 oz pouches (LIMIT 5 CASES PER WEEK) (USDA)

                  Cranberries, Sweetened, Dried, 16/30 oz pouches  (USDA)

                  Juice, Cranberry, CONCENTRATE, 12/11.5 oz plastic bottles (USDA)

                  Mixed Fruit in Light Syrup, 24/14.5 oz cans (LIMIT 5 CASES PER WEEK)  (USDA)


  USDA TEFAP                                                                                     Cases

                  Pears, Light Sliced, 24/15 oz cans, LIMIT 5 CASES PER WEEK (USDA)

                  Pistachios, Roasted in Shell, 12/2 lb bags (LIMIT 5 CASES PER WEEK) (USDA)

                  Pork, Canned, 24/24 oz cans (LIMIT 10 CASES PER WEEK)  (USDA)

                  Pumpkin, Canned, 24/15.0 oz cans (USDA)

                  Rice, Long Grain, 30/2 lb bags, US #2, (USDA)

                  Spaghetti Sauce, Meatless, 24/15 oz cans (LIMIT 5 CASES PER WEEK)  (USDA)

                  Spaghetti, 20/1 lb pkg, (LIMIT 5 CASES PER WEEK) (USDA)

                  Tomatoes, Diced, 24/14.5 oz cans (LIMIT 5 CASES PER WEEK)  (USDA)

                  Vegetables, Mixed, Canned, 24/15 oz cans (LIMIT 5 CASES PER WEEK)  (USDA)

                  Walnut Pieces, 24/16 oz bags  (USDA)

  USDA TM                                                                                           Cases

                  Beans, Navy, Dry, $0.09 per lb. 12/2.0 lbs (USDA Trade Mitigation)

                  Green Split Peas, Dry, 12/2 lb bags, $0.09 per lb (USDA Trade Mitigation)

                  Juice, Orange, 8/64 oz plastic bottles (USDA Trade Mitigation)

                  Raisins, 144/1.33 oz boxes per case, LIMIT 5 CASES PER WEEK  (USDA Trade


                  Raisins, 24/15 oz cartons (USDA Trade Mitigation)

                  Rice, Brown, US #1, 30/2 lb (USDA Trade Mitigation)