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MAFB Member of Feeding America
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MAFB Feeds Furloughed Families 
Timely Help by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints 
Montgomery Area Food Bank (MAFB) provided support for furloughed federal employees and their families during the longest government shutdown in our nation’s history. 

"We have already assisted families from TSA (Transportation Security Administration) and Federal Prison Camp Montgomery, and we will continue to assist furloughed families as long as the shutdown continues.”
“We responded to this emergent need – which is in keeping with our mission,” said Richard A. Deem, MAFB’s Chief Executive Officer. “Our response is similar to the type of response we recently supported in the immediate aftermath of October’s Hurricane Michael’s devastation of the Florida panhandle and South Alabama.
“Our mission simply isn’t driven by politics,” said Deem. “Our mission is to fight hunger. We’re providing emergent support and integrating anyone impacted by this shutdown into our existing network of agencies.

“Access to contact information for the local agencies within our network is readily available on our web site where we have an interactive map,” added Deem. “All anyone has to do is type in their zip code and a list of agencies within that zip code will appear. Please keep in mind that those agencies vary in capacity and hours of operation“
Montgomery, Ala. (February 1, 2019) – The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS) Headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah answered the call by Alabama LDS officers to support local disaster relief efforts when they sent just over 14 tons of assistance ranging from canned and dry goods to fresh produce and proteins arrived at the Montgomery Area Food Bank today.

“This is an outstanding show of support,” said Montgomery Area Food Bank Chief Executive Officer Richard A. Deem. “I’ve known Commissioner Troy Stubbs for a long time, and when he told me they were reaching out, I was confident he’d get a response, but this is not only substantial, but of course very timely.”

Delivery, which was preceded by a $10,000 donation to the Elmore County Disaster Relief Fund, came to Montgomery via Atlanta, and was coordinated through LDS Headquarters in Utah. The 53-foot trailer arrived at MAFB mid-morning and was offloaded and stored before lunch. 

Elmore County Food Pantry, which has been providing direct support to families struck by what the National Weather Service (NWS) determined was an EF2 tornado, which hit Wetumpka January 19, will receive a sizeable portion of this generous support. The remaining items will be used to continue to provide disaster relief, bolstering MAFB shelves and coolers following emergency relief efforts in South Alabama, the Florida Panhandle and the recent government shutdown.