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Publix Super Markets Delivers 'Food For All', 'Food For Sharing'
Did you ever wonder where the donations you’ve made at Publix as you check your items at the register go? Representatives from Publix Super Markets Jacksonville Region, Alabama District and local River Region Store Managers recently presented Montgomery Area Food Bank (MAFB), CEO Rich Deem with an $11, 442,43 check - the proceeds of the “Food For All” campaign held during the 2016 Holiday Season. Then, three days later Publix dropped off the 19,148 pounds worth of proceeds from their “Food For Sharing” campaign!

“It’s clear Publix Super Markets takes community responsibility very seriously,” said Deem. “To tell you the truth, it’s gotten to the point where, when we get a call from Publix saying they’d like to come visit, we get excited, because we know something good is about to happen.”

So, if you’ve ever wondered if your donations help – the answer is a resounding – YES!

Publix Super Markets conducts two hunger-related annual campaigns. They present donation cards representing three pre-designed levels of helping to fight hunger, while customers are at the checkout in the spring (Food For Sharing) and in the fall (Food For All). Once the customer selects a donation level, the cashier scans the card, and the amount is added to the customer’s total order.  

And yes; the truck you see in the background was indeed the brand new $150,000 Refrigerated Truck Publix Super Markets Charities awarded MAFB in February.