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One out of five of us deal with Food Insecurity, which means four out of five of us could help!
MAFB Member of Feeding America
MAFB Member of Feeding America
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MAFB is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and an equal opportunity employer and provider. 
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Who We Are...What We Do
MONTGOMERY, Ala. (February 14, 2020) – Montgomery Area Food Bank (MAFB) will be joined by City of Montgomery Mayor Steven Reed, to conduct a Grand Opening Ceremony of its recently acquired 19,000 Square Foot building this morning at 10 am. The dedication will be in recognition of 23 years of dedicated service by its second of only three leaders…officially naming the new asset the E. Parke Hinman, III Building. 

From its meager beginnings in a rented 10,000 
square foot warehouse in 1986, to today's sprawling 
campus capable of exceeding an annual distribution of 
more than 28 million pounds of assistance, MAFB has 
grown as a direct result of our community's compassion, 
empathy, commitment and support. We who work at 
MAFB are constantly uplifted when witnessing firsthand - 
“The Heart of Alabama”. 

MAFB’s outreach programs provide direct assistance with 
specific focus on Child Hunger, Senior Hunger, Nutrition 
Education and Disaster Recovery. After continually 
expanding the scope of our mission to include 35 of 
Alabama’s 67 counties, in early 2019 MAFB initiated the purchase of the former Nabisco Building – literally right next door. We began utilizing our new asset immediately, while inspecting and planning a retrofit to optimize the 19,000 square feet of additional warehouse space for food bank operations. 

MAFB also began a Capital Campaign to offset the costs invested to purchase and retrofit what is now known as the Parke E. Hinman, III Building, through the contribution of personalized 8X8 Building Bricks, which will comprise the walkway to the main entrance. 

Throughout MAFB’s 30-plus years of operations one aspect has been particularly noteworthy – that being continued, responsible growth. As MAFB’s mission expanded the size of our centrally located facility, leadership always been forward leaning, while operating under a strict stewardship ethos of the generosity entrusted to us.  
While developing the Hinman Building capital campaign, particular focus was placed upon delivering added value to donors. Community support of the MAFB mission through personalizing a Building Brick provides a unique means of ultimately receiving tangible recognition of that support, which will last. The community will quite literally be added to MAFB’s future and a donor’s generosity will be recognized as patrons, employees, volunteers and supporters enter our new E. Parke Hinman, III Building. 

All information in support of personalizing a Building Brick is available here - or by clicking on the brick logo on virtually every page of the MAFB web site.  Corporate logos require an additional step of verifying trademark rights, but the entire process is direct and supported by customer service professionals to answer any of your questions.
Food Bank Dedicates New Building, Honors Exemplary Dedication